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What will I be doing?

You will be participating in a Child Abuse Prevention Training Program. This program is designed to create an awareness of how to spot possible abuse and how to prevent abuse. Our objective is to help keep kids safe and help organizations provide a safe and fun environment to help kids grow into their fullest potential.

Why Do I need to apply?

The State of Texas adopted a law to be effective April 16, 2006, that requires camps that for a period of four or more consecutive days continuously provides residential services to each camper, including overnight accommodations for at least three consecutive nights, to have their staff and volunteers trained and certified:  e)Staff member character and integrity records. The camp management shall ascertain and have on record information, such as a letter of reference, attesting to the character and integrity of each staff member, and information, such as training certificates, attesting to the ability of each staff member to perform the tasks required in his or her position.   (1) performing an annual criminal background check using a criminal history database for each adult staff member's and each adult volunteer's permanent residence.   (2) performing an annual background check using a sex offender registration database for each adult staff member's and each adult volunteer's permanent residence and educational residence if applicable...

You may want to check out the link for these regulations under our FAQ tab.

To apply for a camp, simply click of the camp you would like to apply for. If you cannot find your camp, make sure they are registered within our system. 

You will need to fill in all relevant information for the application. At the end of the application, you will be asked to take a "Child Abuse Prevention and Recognition" course on-line. This must be completed in one sitting, so be sure to allow at least an hour for completion.

It is important that this be completed every 2 years in the state of Texas. Some camps require you to complete this every year. It takes less than one hour and has a test at the end of the training. Pay close attention to the key learning points. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the contact form. Or, you may contact the camp you are applying with directly.

Thanks and have a fantastic camping experience

How Do I Apply?

Simply click on the camp that you wish to apply with on the left hand side of the screen.  You will need to enter your full name, as that is what shows on the training certificate.  Enter all of the requested information on the application.  Then proceed to the training.  It works the best to complete everything with minimal interruptions.  If you close the browser window before you complete the application, your information will NOT be saved.








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