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To apply, select a camp from the list below.

Q: What are the State Guidelines?
A: View State Guidelines Here

Q: My camp isn't listed, how can I get my camp included on your site?
A:We would be happy to serve your camp. Please contact us at

Q: My camp is not religious based. Can you serve my needs also?
A: Yes, we have the ability to “customize” the application to omit any religious questions or add any additional questions you may have specific to your camp.

Q: How is the account billed or is payment required up front?
A: We have a schedule of flat rate fees for large established camps. It will cover the entire season, including any applicant who applies but does not pass your screening criteria. For smaller camps we bill at the end of the camp season, usually by the end of August. The charge is per person for any church or non church camp including; cancer camps, diabetes camp, or any camp that does not need the flat rate schedule. There is a charge of $7.50 per applicant who fills out the application and takes the certification test.

Q: How does an applicant register and take the certification test? How will I be notified when an applicant has completed the application and course?
A: After you have contacted our staff we will add your camp to the list on our homepage. Once an applicant has selected your camp they will be able to complete the online application and certification course. You will be notified, once the process is completed. During this process the applicant is asked to provide references. References with an email address will be contacted automatically, and their response sent to you.

Q: I am interested; what do I need to do next?
A: Drop Jody an email at or give him a call at 325-829-0401.